Finishing & Mailing

Adding the finishing touches to your digital or offset print job are numerous but will transform your document into something that stands out with a professional look and appeal.
Matt or Gloss film celloglazing adds a protective film coating to protect and enhance the appearance of your finished product, examples are covers of books or business cards.
Metallic foil stamping, embossing of the paper stock, all add significant appeal to the finished product
Book finishing all requires binding whether, saddlestitching for books of fewer page numbers or burst binding and perfect binding for publications of larger page numbers.
Plasticoil or Wiro Binding all add ease of use to publications that require a lay flat finish for quick and easy referencing.
Shrinkwrapping and cartons packing all complete the picture for a print job perfectly finished and dispatched.

J.A.Wales Printers offers a total service “Print and Post” allowing us to produce both your printing and mailing. It’s efficient and economical, and saves time. While the printing is under way, we barcode and presort your database then complete the mailout. It’s a coordinated approach that saves you time and money.