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J.A.Wales Printers offers a total service “Print and Post”

J.A.Wales Printers offers a total service “Print and Post” allowing us to produce both your printing and mailing. It’s efficient and economical, and saves time. While the printing is under way, we barcode and presort your database then complete the mailout. It’s a coordinated approach that saves you time and money.

Promotional Mailing

Companies connect with their customers by transactional mailing, such as invoices, statements, membership renewals notices etc. So why not combine the transactional data of your account form with promotional messages. These messages could be sales or generic related information, such as helpful hints, frequently asked questions or monthly specials.

Transpromo messaging effectively turns your transaction mailing into revenue generating opportunity with better informed and more satisfied customers.

Talk to us about how we can add transpromo messaging to your account forms in black and white, spot colour or full colour printing for greater impact.

Transactional Mailing

If you are overwhelmed by the time required to print and mail your invoices, account statements or any other essential mail. Then talk to us about how we can accept electronic files securely and have your account statements in the mail as soon as the next day.

One to Many

The simplest form of direct mail, it can be your database of clients or a specific database sourced to your guidelines. Either way, with the use of a database, direct mail allows you to tailor your communications knowing exactly who is receiving your message.

Plain faced envelopes allow you to ink-jet the database to the front of the envelope, insert a brochure with a message to drive recipients to your website, possibly a response coupon with a unique offer or a reply paid envelope. The options are endless.

Window faced envelopes allow you to get closer to the recipient by including a personalised letter, signed by yourself. This letter can outline, explain or reinforce your offer or encourage commitment to action by the recipient. The envelope can also contain brochures, response coupons or a reply paid envelope.

One to One

Is all about “personalisation”, we have moved from just putting someone’s name on an envelope or letter. One to One is tailoring the mail piece based on the characteristics of the recipient.

Now you can talk to everyone of your clients with a personalised message of text or image. Digital print enables your print job to be personalised to each of your clients, individually.

At J.A. Wales Printers we are using “xmpie”, the very latest in software personalisation technology, we can create emotion in your printed material that will increase interest, response rate and customer loyalty.

Why not use personalisation for:
Direct mail and newsletter mail-outs. Brochures and leaflets.
Delegate handouts Greeting cards both Christmas and birthdays.
Postcards – Calendars – Wine bottle labels and anything you can think of.

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